Fastest in Its Class 7045 4570 CO2 Laser 60W/80W/RF30W with Multiple Interfaces Lightburn Software


Fastest in Its Class 7045 4570 CO2 Laser 60W/80W/RF30W with Multiple Interfaces Lightburn Software

Fastest in Its Class 7045 4570 CO2 Laser 60W/80W/RF30W with Multiple Interfaces Lightburn Software

Overview Fastest in its Class 7045 4570 co2 laser 60W/80W/RF30W with Multiple Interfaces LightBurn Software MIRA Series

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Basic Info
Model NO. MIRA7
Structure Type Desktop
Laser Classification Gaseous Laser
Laser Technology Laser Fusion Cutting
Safety Level Class 1
Design Compact All in One Design
Speed 1200mm/S
Wireless Connect Optional
Acceleration Speed 5g
Files Acceptable Autocad, Careldraw, Illustrator etc Vector
Water Chiller 3000
Mainboard Version 6442
Standard Software Rdworks
Optional Software Lightburn
Stepper Motor Two-Phased Closed-Loop
Camera Optional
Standard Focus 50.8
Air Assistant Pump Built Inside
Air Extractor Built Inside
Transport Package Wood Box
Specification working area 700*450mm
Trademark Aeon Laser
Origin China
HS Code 8456110090
Production Capacity 5000 Sets/Year
Product Description

Fastest in its Class 7045 4570 co2 laser 60W/80W/RF30W with Multiple Interfaces LightBurn Software

Invented new technologies like our NEW NOVA Super Series
Glass tube+RF metal tube in one machine
First 2000mm/s 5G acceleration speed in China
Integrated autofocus
All in one clean pack design

MIRA Series Design Features
Model: MIRA5 3050 (300*500mm)
Model: MIRA7 7045(700*450mm)
Model: MIRA9 9060 (900*600mm)
Power: 40w 60w 80W 100W 130W
Mira Series is desktop design (All-In-One design)
With built-in water cooling, exhaust fan, everything inside of the machine,
The customer only needs to plug in the power to run the machine
MIRA Series machines are featured with high speed
Max. engraving speed 1200mm/s
Max acceleration speed 5G
All-in-one design, built-in water cooler, exhaust fan, and air assists.
Clean pack design, protect the linear guide rail from dust, reduce maintenance frequency effectively
5G accelerated Speed, engraving speed up to 1.2meter/Second
Ball screw electric up&down table
red beam combiner, combine the laser beam with red dot pointer
Built-in Wifi, connect computer wirelessly
Newly designed Autofocus, with installation adjustable
Beautiful LED illumination, offer bright light in the dark working environment

All in one design

All laser engraving machines need fume extractor, water/air cooling system, air compressor. The MIRA smart design has all of these built into the unit. So no external devices are seen. Simplicity and smart thinking.

Clean pack design & concise control panel

AEON Laser "Clean Pack" technology is designed to protect your mechanic parts from the pollution of dust, dirt, and smoke, giving you consistently high engraving results, the ability to work at high speed, prolonged component life.

Double working table lifting up to 150mm

The MIRA series has a Honeycomb table as standard - not optional. It has a rise and fall of up to 150mm and has an automatic focus optional function to control table height. With the opening front door open you can work with larger pieces of material giving maximum efficiency for a desktop laser.
Fastest in its Class 7045 4570 co2 laser 60W/80W/RF30W with Multiple Interfaces LightBurn Software Technical Parameters:
Working Area:700*450mm
Laser Tube:60W/80W/RF30W
Laser Tube type:CO2 sealed glass tube
Z-Axis Height:150mm adjustable
Input Voltage:220V AC 50Hz/110V AC 60Hz
Rated Power:1200W-1300W
Operating Modes:Optimized raster, vector and combined mode
Max Engraving Speed:1200mm/sec
Max Cutting Speed:1000mm/sec
Acceleration Speed:5G
Laser Optical Control:0-100% set by software
Minimum Engraving Size:Chinese Character 2.0mm*2.0mm, English Letter 1.0mm*1.0mm
Locating Precision:<=0.1
Cutting Thickness:0-20mm(depends on different materials )
Working Temperature:0-45°C
Environmental Humidity:5-95%
Buffer Memory:128Mb
Compatible Software:CorelDraw/Photoshop/AutoCAD/All kinds of Embroidery Software
Compatible Operation System: Windows XP/2000/Vista, Win7/8//10, Mac OS, Linux
Computer Interface:Ethernet/USB/WIFI
Cooling system:Built-in water cooler with cooling fan
Air Pump:Built-in noise suppression air pump
Exhaust Fan:Built-in 330w Turbo Exhaust blower
Machine Dimension:1106mm*883mm*543mm
Machine Net Weight:128Kg
Machine Packing Weight:158Kg
Packaging & ShippingApplication:Our Advantages

AEON MIRA7 is a professional desktop laser engraving machine. The working area is 700*450mm, with a water cooler, exhaust fan, and air pump built inside of the machine which is very compact, clean, and modern.

For this model, the condenser of the water cooler is enlarged, therefore, the cooling effect is greatly enhanced. And, as a professional model, it got a blade cutting table as well as a honeycomb table. The air assists and exhaust blower installed inside are more powerful. The whole machine is built according to Class 1 Laser standard. The case is fully enclosed. Every door and window got locks, and also, it got a key lock for the main switch to prevent a non-authorized person to access the machine.

As a member of the MIRA Series, the MIRA7 engraving speed is also up to 1200mm/sec. The acceleration speed is 5G. The dust-proof guide rail ensures the engraving outcome is perfect. The red beam is the combiner type, which is the same as the laser path. Further, you could choose autofocus and WIFI to get an easier operation experience.

Overall, The MIRA7 is a more professional desktop machine. It can meet your requirements for speed, power, and running time. It is more strong and safe. It can be a very useful tool for your business.

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Q: What is the warranty?
A: One year for the whole machine, focus lens etc easy wear parts are not included in the warranty, Laser tube follows the warranty of tube factory.
Q: What is the lifespan of the glass tube?
A: For RECI glass tube, the lifespan reaches 8000-10000 hours, for our OEM made glass tube, the lifespan is around 5000-8000hours.
Q: What is your biggest advantage compared to other CO2 laser suppliers?
A: AEON LASER keeps non-stop innovations & launches new products every year, has received patents for the innovated machines.
Q: What materials can cut or engrave?
A: Our CO2 laser machines can only cut or engrave non-metals, can cut or engrave acrylic, plywood, MDF, ABS sheet, leather, glass, ceramic etc.
Q: Is air assist pump, water chiller, air extractor/ exhaust fan build inside the machine
A: Yes, they are all built inside the machine on MIRA, NEW NOVA Series, for old/ordinary NOVA machines, they are all built outside.