Melco Releases the EMT16 PLUS Modular Embroidery System


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Mar 25, 2023

Melco Releases the EMT16 PLUS Modular Embroidery System

Melco EMT16 PLUS Modular Embroidery System

Melco EMT16 PLUS Modular Embroidery System

Westminster, Colorado (PRWEB) January 30, 2017

The latest evolution of Melco embroidery machine technology, EMT16 PLUS has all of the standard features and functions that made EMT16 great, but with enhanced processing power that really unleashes the full potential of the machine. Also, Melco is shaking things up with an industry-leading 6 year limited warranty. "We feel confident in expanding our warranty program," said Melco's new President and Managing Director, Dale Sanders. "Recent advances in technology add to overall stability of the EMT16 PLUS, bolstering Melco's reputation for developing some of the embroidery industry's most reliable equipment."

Show attendees at ISS Long Beach last week were amongst the first to see the EMT16 PLUS in action. People were impressed by the quality of embroidery they saw on the hats, hoodies, patches, and tote bags, as well as the modular flexibility of the system. According to Justin Schierkolk, Melco's Marketing Manager, "With Melco technology, embroidery business owners aren't limited to conventional single-head or multi-head configurations. Having the flexibility to add to your Melco system in single-head increments is incredibly efficient and valuable. Each machine operates independently, but on the same network, so you have the flexibility to embroider on multiple garment types, simultaneously."

In multi-head configurations, EMT16 PLUS embroidery systems will outperform conventional multi-heads by as much as 50%. Take a standard 4-head embroidery machine, for example. When one of the embroidery heads must be stopped to change a bobbin or correct some other issue, production must come to a halt on the other three heads as well, because they can only operate unison. This is not the case with Melco's EMT16 PLUS. Each head can be started and stopped independently of the others, creating a highly efficient production environment. This leads to increases in overall profitability for any embroidery business.

Additionally, several attendees at Melco's booth in Long Beach commented on how quiet and smooth EMT16 PLUS is. The machine is engineered and built with high quality materials, and is ready to deliver outstanding embroidery on a wide variety of products. Melco's machines are reputed to stay in operation for many years, and Melco is ready to stand behind that with their new 6 year limited warranty.

Engineers at Melco have been hard at work developing technology to control the bobbin with greater precision. This has lead to an increase of 10,000 stitches per bobbin, approximately 33% better than previous Melco models. Not only is it more efficient, the stitch quality is also improved, most notably on small lettering. Any embroidery production manager that has ever had to embroider a company logo with tiny lettering on a hat or shirt will definitely appreciate this feature!

EMT16 PLUS retains many characteristics of older Melco technology that have set the modern standard in embroidery technology. Thread feed is controlled with Acti-Feed™ technology, Melco's patented thread control system. Thread feed is automatically monitored and adjusted, there are no manual tension knobs to adjust. EMT16 PLUS is a 16 needle system with a large 15.7" x 16.1" maximum sew field. For those that offer embroidery on hats, a cap attachment enables high quality embroidery on today's popular styles. The wide angle cap frame offers a large 270 degree sew field. Speaking of size, the small cylindrical lower arm enables embroidery on a variety of products. You can even embroider shirt pockets using a special pocket frame.

The EMT16 PLUS modular embroidery system is characterized by its versatility, ease of use and scalability. For those considering an investment in embroidery machines, Melco should be at the top of the list. For more information on Melco and EMT16 PLUS, visit or call 800.799.8313.

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